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Promote Your Resource – Experience It Japanese Way


As the world gets smaller through digital platforms, everyone has to think outside of the box to come up with a new exciting way to make us jump to it.

Spamusement Park

We have been waiting for this dream-come-true moment.  Yes, you can ride on a merry-go-round while sitting in the hot tub!  Or for a bit more thrill while relaxing, how about hopping on to hot-tub jet coaster?

Now, thanks to this promotion video going viral online, it will be the reality.  You Tube view has hit not only 1 million, which it achieved in under a week but it’s now looking at 3 million views.

The pledge from one and the only suit-wearing person in the whole city (at least in this clip), the mayor of Beppu city, the famous historic Onsen town, is seriously in planning and will be open in July 2017.

Stepping Stone to the Future

The fact is that it is not entirely new amusement park, but re-using the one that has been closed but yet to be demolished.  The hot spring water is the excess resource in the city, so there is no new investment to keep the flow going.  The funding is through cloud funding, not taxpayer’s money.  It is the first big step to revamp the city to attract the crowd, not only online but also physically, ultimate, for the city to truly regenerate.  The next plan is to create Blue Lagoon of Orient.  They are doing it their way.

Getting some helping hands – Capybara Spa

Human is not only ones who love to relax.  In this case, the world biggest rodent, Capybara, is helping four Animal Parks to attract attention.  We all love cuddly cute animals, don’t we?  These parks took it to the next level by offering the visitor to share the outdoor Onsen with animals.  So HEALING.

Capybara in four animal parks in Japan competes for how long they can stay in the spa.  It was filmed and of course televised.  The winning Capybara gets fresh local vegetables from three other parks.

Resources Next to You, at Your Finger Tips

It can only get easier with online streaming service, video postings to advertise your ideas, and as well.  At the same time, the competition is getting harder with so many new ideas available at your fingertips. The next big move may come from a very familiar place, right next to you.

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