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G-POP, Life after J-Pop and K-Pop


A lot of people around the world are aware of J-Pop and K-Pop.  These singing and dancing sensations from Japan and Korea have good followings from people around the world.  J-Pop groups tend to present themselves as boys and girls next door, where as K-Pop focuses on more “out-of-this-world” images.  Some successful ones shoot their promotion videos outside of their native countries and give some gigs in small clubs, occasionally in bigger venues and festivals.  They certainly have established cult followings.

Now we are talking about G-Pop.

Love to Live Long in Family Home

In the past post on this website, the effort of drawing attention using the local resource, such as hot spring spa, in-store brewery, and traditional provenance sake drinks were introduced.  G-Pop may sound that it does not belong here, especially if you are hoping for camera ready beautiful people with excellent producers.

It originates from Kochi prefecture, one of four on the southern island of Shikoku.  Yes, “G” has nothing to do with the name of the location.  Warm Kuroshio Current keeps the pleasant temperature.  The harvest very delicious fruit of the sea, Skipjack Tuna, is exquisite when seared sashimi with local ginger and soy sauce.  Their exotic citrus fruit, Yuzu,  has gained the high reputation amongst foodies around the world.  It is the home of beautiful untouched nature, home to the river with the clearest water in Japan, Shimanto River.  They are close knit society, and the governor calls themselves Kochi Family.

With the abundance of natural resource and warm climate meant that people live active lives, and long.  One in three of the population of approximately 730,000 people is over 65 years old.  So, a quarter of a million people aged over 65 years are the very fuel of Kochi family.  And, in Japanese, grandfather is called “Jiisan”, or better in this case “G-san”.  The average age of this group of 5 entertainers is 67 years; the eldest is 81 years.  This year, they have released their second clip, looking out for the world wide fame, in English and the title is “I Was Young”.   So here is the happy clip.


The message is all about staying active and enjoying life around you.  It gets better as you grow old.  Of course, they carry the message from the governor of Kochi to come and visit to enjoy so much they can offer.

Novice DJs in Tokyo

SumiRock is a new DJ in town, started DJing in 2013 and she is 82 years of age.  She runs her own Gyoza restaurant business since 60 years ago, started clubbing at the age of 70, and picked up this new profession after her friend recommended her to try, aged 77.  Her dream is to spin in a club in New York.  She loves NY since she first visited nearly 25 years ago.

She calls herself a novice in DJ world but she is not new to music, with her father being a Jazz musician and ran Gyoza restaurant, she knows what it means to give and gain from music.  A lot of young fans call her the coolest and the youngest DJ of them all.

Another new star is DJ Kume.  He is at the age of 72 years young.  He started DJing just before he turned 60.  Again, his friend advised to start, and he took the chance.  He lived and worked in Latin America, so with the rich catalogue of latin music, he is a very active member of the club in Shibuya, and never tired of entertaining the crowd.

Never Say Never – Keep Living

What they share here is that they all said yes to the opportunities presented.  After having so much experience inside, it may become difficult to take risks.  But these people did not, and by doing so, they keep giving and inspiring the people around them.

The life expectancy keeps getting longer worldwide.  It can only mean one thing that there will be more opportunities to try something new, anytime.  It is so important to keep the antenna and your hands up high to grab them when you can.  It is everyone’s duty to keep living as you are.









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