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Case Studies

Rakugo Project

Producing Rakugo Comic Storyteller,
Katsura Sunshine

Branding of Japanese comic storytelling to raise the global recognition of RAKUGO to a level similar to that enjoyed by SUSHI and KARATE.
Production of performances in London, New York, Edinburgh and France, from start to finish – including marketing and promotion for maximum appeal to targeted audiences.
Production of promotional films by a British YouTuber – tweaking these to make them catchy and relevant to interested young audiences, who may be unfamiliar with RAKUGO, and prompting their curiosity to investigate further.

Tailoring branding to clients’ particular needs, to enable them to succeed in unfamiliar environments.
Working to publicise Japanese organisations and individuals who aspire to expand overseas.
Organizing promotional activities – for example, appearances on local TV Stations, advertisements on Taxis and on the Underground,
SNS, and online marketing with prize draws.
Production and management of PR activities to realise the vision of our clients.

Guilty Noodle

An Experimental Collaboration
between Food and Art

Launching and managing an eye-catching Pop Up Noodle Bar in Old Street Underground Station in London
Developing new ways to introduce and promote Japan’s as yet internationally unrecognised quality pot noodles in towns having a high population of trendy people. Introducing concepts that will allow the penetration of Japanese culture to a new environment.
Targeting and branding were crucial to the success of this innovative project, which served as two-way promotions for the brand “Guilty Noodle” and for its ambassadors, – Sakakura Katsumi and Katsura Sunshine.

Guilty Noodle at Old Street Station

Promotion at London Fashion Week

Promotion Movie

This short film related a story set in a dystopian future world where food culture is strictly regulated, and where the consumption of instant noodles is banned – complete with a dose of very British cynicism. The silent version of this film was aired at the Guilty Noodle Bar as part of the installation.

Scenes from the Edinburgh Fringe and West End performances by Sakakura Katsumi and Katsura Sunshine.

400 enthusiastic fans gathered for the first performance at a theatre in Leicester Square, London’s West End, and the New York performance is scheduled for 2018.


World Number One Pearl Producer

Coordination of online marketing for customers in Europe and the Middle East.
Establishing a solid brand positioning and marketing strategy for this internationally acclaimed pearl producer and jeweller, targeting specifically a high-income customer segment.
Management of Show Window display for MIKIMOTO London.

echo chef

Chef Delivery Service

This is an Online Chef Hire Service, where customers can enjoy the cooking of professional, enthusiastic and friendly chefs, in the privacy and comfort of their own homes.
Re-branding the service, focusing on a friendly and uplifting image to attract as many potential customers as possible, through face to face consultation, changing the logo and website colour scheme and design.

Producing a promotional video by a British YouTuber, a collaboration which prompted a spread on Social Media platforms, resulting in a smooth increase in popularity.