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GINZA – Branded as Japan’s Top Shopping Heaven

Ginza is a prominent shopping area for locals and tourists.  The district has gr

Siu Mai – Chinese Recipe that Connects Consumers

Siu Mai is a type of dumpling often seen at dim sum restaurants around the world

Strong Will to Stay – Anniversary Marketing 60-year-old Brand

Japan’s oldest instant noodle brand, Chicken Ramen (Nov 2017 articles) is turnin

Summer Holiday with Homework – and a Lot of Helping Hands

Japanese children get six weeks of summer holiday, free from their classrooms. 

Heritage Nagaya Houses – Renovate and Live

A little town in Osaka called Showa-machi has all modern infrastructure, includi

Hanabi – Flowers in the Night Sky

On 26th July, approximately 850,000 spectators gathered around the Sumida River

Japan’s First Marketing Success – Grilled UNAGI

At the end of July, banners go up in front of supermarkets and fishmongers aroun

Transparent Drinks Market – Not What It Seems Like

In Japan, bottled drinks from vending machines are perfectly chilled to refresh

Japanese Ice Cream - Challengers’ Market

July is the ice cream season.  Everyone runs to the freezer to grab a favourite

Can the Tanabata Star Festival Catch Halloween?

The Tanabata Festival takes place on the 7th July.  It is one of the five “Sekku

Dreaming June Bride – Only on Your Own Terms

Getting married in June, and being called a June Bride, is an imported idea, yet

Pearl – Beautiful Gift from Ocean

The Birth Stone of June is the Pearl. Japan is a world-leading producer and a