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How to Spend Your Precious Holiday – Just Relax or…?

Hunting for the Hotaru Firefly, fishing for Ayu Sweetfish, cuddling up with the

Ayu – Japanese Sweet Fish Worth Waiting and Chasing For

In early June, a lot of anglers go to the rivers across Japan.  On 1st June, man

Hunting for Hotaru – Fireflies Lighting Up Rainy Season

June is the month of rain.  The quiet rainfalls continue for over one month, day

Mysterious Quality of KATANA-Mastery of Japanese Sword

The blade of a Japanese sword has a mysterious quality, with its curve, razor-sh

History Girls Lead the Trend – Travelling to Past with Samurai Warriors

The online game Touken Ranbu started in January 2015.  In the game, a player col

The Most Loyal Dog from Japan – Story of Akita Inu

There is a very famous meeting point in Tokyo:  “In front of Hachiko” at Shibuya

Washi – Japanese Handcraft Paper – Too Good for Notepad

538 AC is a significant date in Japanese history.  This year, Buddhism, the reli

Simple is Beautiful – Art of ORIGAMI

ORIGAMI, the Japanese art of folding a sheet of paper to create beautiful 2D and

Game Centre – Japanese Arcade Games for Everyone

Smart Phones have increased their share of the market as favoured gaming platfor

Here Comes KAIJU – Japanese Monster with Personality

In the recent blockbuster release, “Pacific Rim Uprising”, monstrous beasts appe

FUKUSHIMA PRIDE – Event at the Embassy of Japan in London

On the 11th March 2011, the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami hit the Nort

Sharing the Joy with Sacred Drink “SAKE TASTING IN LONDON”

Japanese people love sharing time in great company, with seasonal food and good