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Attention, please! Original Animation for Advertisements

An increasing number of companies are using original animated stories for their

Tradition That Lasted 1000 Years – Twelve Layers of Colours

Hina Ningyo dolls feature as a centrepiece for celebrating girls’ health.  The d

Nothing Spared for Welcoming the New Season – Hina Matsuri

The 3rd March is Hina Matsuri, the Dolls Festival, in Japan.  Families with girl

Northern Beauty of Icy Winter in Japan

The Sapporo Snow Festival 2018 came to a close on the 12th February.  There were

Japan Can Stop Giri Choco – St. Valentine’s Challenge 2018

14th February is St. Valentine’s Day.  Originally it was, and still is, a religi

The Star is Born – Yuru Kyara Champion KUMAMON

KUMAMON was born on 12th March 2011, the day that Shinkansen, the bullet train o

Relax and Promote Your Town with Yuru Kyara

It is said that there are myriads of gods in Japan.  In the mountains, oceans, r

Step by Step, Jump into the Future – Weekly Comic for Everyone

Last week, we saw the reason why the comic magazine, Shonen Jump, thrived for fi

Friendship, Hard Work, Victory for 50 Years

The weekly comic magazine, Shonen Jump, was first published 50 years ago in 1968


Happy New Year to all our readers.  Thank you very much for taking an interest,

Reflection of 2017, Dawn of 2018

In Japan, each month has a unique name that signifies its characteristics and se

Words of 2017 and How to Use Them

On 1st December 2017, two words were selected as the Words of 2017 by the panel