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How Do You Remember 2017 in One Word?

At the beginning of December, there is an annual event that kicks off the wave o

Winter Calls for Luck – by Dining the Deadly Fish “Fugu”

As the end of year approaches, the big seasonal food in December is Fugu, the in

Hotels Too Expensive? Don’t Mind Small Space? Here is a very Japanese Solution

Have you ever stayed in a capsule hotel? It was invented in Japan in the 1980

Relax and Enjoy the Differences

Noodle Harassment is one of the new words in Japan that has been increasingly po

Feeding Guilty Pleasure Around the World – 2

After the success of Chicken Ramen in Japan, Ando was convinced that it would be

Feeding Guilty Pleasure Around the World – 1

It would be hard to find someone who has never come across pot noodles or instan

Library and Online Game – Unlikely Match Made in Heaven

Aozora Bunko means Blue Sky Library.  It is an e-library service containing clas

Chrysanthemum Festival – The Most Important Date on the Calendar:  Chouyo no Sekku

In October, gardeners and florists in Japan go Chrysanthemum crazy.  There are m

Rakugo in London – Vibrant Japanese Comedy

Rakugo is a popular traditional oral comedy in Japan.  The translation of Rakugo

Re-birth of Vinyl Records, Supported by Streaming Generation

Sony Music Entertainment (SME) has announced that it will resume the production

Give and Take in Harmony, Outside the Comfort Zone

Urushi lacquerware is one of Japan’s most treasured and popular traditional tabl

In Need of a Company? Japanese Has an Answer for You

Have you ever used a rental service?  If your answer is yes, then it would most