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SPAMUSEMENT Comes to Life!

After achieving 1 million views on YouTube in just three days in November 2016,

Interactive Theatre Experience – Kabuki

Have you been to Kabuki Theatre?  It is a delightful experience of big actions,

Digital Age and Booming Personalized Stationary

When was the last time you wrote letters and words with pen and paper?  Maybe no

Robots are Happy to Help – Latest High Tech Hotel in Japan

Recent studies revealed that anything between 40% to 60% of human jobs would be

Children’s Day in Japan

5th of May in Children’s Day and it is a public holiday in Japan.  It is traditi

Heritage or Nature – Balancing Love of History over Deforestation

14th of April 2016, the huge earthquake hit the southern island of Kyushu, losin

Revenge of Success, Dilemma to Change

1987 in Japan was the height of bubble economy, unstoppable growth, a lot of new

G-POP, Life after J-Pop and K-Pop

A lot of people around the world are aware of J-Pop and K-Pop.  These singing an

Underground to the Main Stage – Foodhall at Department Stores

Traditionally, basement floor, fondly known as “Depachika”, of Japanese departme

I Know Noh – Young Connecting to Tradition

Japanese traditional theatres are registered as Unesco’s Intangible Cultural Her

Beyond Business Acronysm – Importance of real interaction

Voice of Customers What do you think when you read these three words?  Cl

What It Means to Have “KODAWARI”

“KODAWARI” is a tough word to translate into English, or to any other languages.