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  THE FOG OF WAR The midst of any crisis is the most difficult ti

How Brexit Will Affect the UK and Japanese Markets

The Brexit (a mash-up of British Exit) is a term that originated when the UK vot

Criminal Charges Against the Former Nissan CEO, His Arrest & Escape From Japan

Who is Carlos Ghosn? For the longest time (from 2001 – 2017), the Brazilian-

Plastic in Japan | Banning Free Plastic Bags and Packaging Across the Nation

Plastic bags are a staple of life now. Need to carry your groceries? Put the

Gateway to Japanese Food 2019

Japan’s Food Export Fair will come back for the third time in November 2019.

SETTAI: How to Make Most Out of Japanese Hospitality

“Settai” is the Japanese term for entertaining business partners.  It includes d

The Emperor of Japan has changed [Heisei to Reiwa]- Change of Era

2019 is a special year in Japan.  The name of the Japanese Era, “Gengou”, will c

Challenge the Market – Coffee and Japan 2

The Japanese learned to love the bitter hot drink imported by pioneers from Euro


Coffee was first introduced to Japan in the 17th Century, through the restricted

Story of Moss – From Green Valley to Terrarium

Bonsai has been a favourite hobby for many in Japan and China.  It’s satisfying

The Universe in a Small Space – Art of Bonsai

The word Bonsai translates as Tray Plant.  It is a popular Japanese art form, of

The Importance of Lunch Time Break – Bento Box

At what time do you start thinking about lunch? At 11:30, or as soon as you walk