For Enterprises/Organisations

We offer our clients the most effective plans for their products and/or services to expand their business to Japan.
We work closely together with local companies and assist you with the best strategy to achieve maximum results.


Draft strategic plans to expand your business to Japan

The Japanese Market is often referred to as “Unusual”. If you already have some experience in the UK, Europe or the USA and others, it might be not so easy to run your business well in Japan. We research what the needs & wants are for foreign businesses with a ‘Japanese Native’ feeling. We will give you the best advice-strategy to achieve maximum results.

Organise your events and pop-ups

It is always a good idea to have a trial run before starting a full-scale business. We will help you with your first pop-up store for temporary operation to monitor sales effectiveness. We also help you participate in various events/exhibitions/trade fairs and collaborate with other artists and galleries.

Conduct extensive research , Test marketing

We feel it is very important to study and analyse Market conditions before expanding your business abroad. We conduct extensive research to assist you with your strategy and planning.
We will also help you with your own Test Marketing both online and offline whilst you are in Japan.

Create and edit your website in Japanese

We will develop your website to suit your needs and appeal to the target Market, including Production, Direction, Editing Process and especially translation.

Liaise with other PR companies

We liaise with local PR companies to attract the most suitable audience for your products, events and projects to create the greatest impact.

We Support your collaboration with Japanese companies

We encourage you to collaborate with Japanese local companies to boost the potential demand for your business.