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Sales Channel Development Support for Japanese Market

☑ I need specialist support for export, sales, trade and advertisements.

We Can

Conduct market surveys, sales channel research and provide various reports

We research and create reports on market scale, competition, regulations, standards, import agents in the local market and any other information required.

Standard Fees

A4 sized paper 3-5 pages in 3 sections – £500+VAT
※ We provide a quote based on required information on request.

Hold meetings for consumer discussion

We invite target Japanese consumers to discussion and hear their opinions on your products/services, so that you can directly see their reactions. It will help you improve and/or develop products in the future.

Standard Fees

£5000+VAT per 10 consumers.

Act as a sales representative and/or negotiator

We communicate and negotiate with import agencies and retailers in order to expand your sales channels.

Standard Fees

£1000+VAT per successful negotiation

Create required documents in Japanese

We create official documents required to operate a business in Japan.

Standard Fees


Provide consultation and inspection on sales regulations in Japan

Consumers in Japan have very high expectations for product quality of any kind. Also, Japanese standards and regulations are designed to improve user-friendliness and to enhance economic activities. They may be different from the UK or EU regulations for some product categories.
Our consultations include hearing your product descriptions, advice for your products to meet the regulations and quotation of inspection cost.
Your products must pass an inspection by designated institutions to be granted sales permission.

Standard Fees

Consultation on the Japanese regulations – from £1800+VAT
Inspection arrangement – from £450+VAT ※ Actual inspection fees are not included.

Research logistics and arrange storage/warehouse

We arrange appropriate storage or warehousing suitable for your products, quantity and locations of your business partners.

Standard Fees

from £700+VAT