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Our Philosophy

Pointblank gets “Straight to the Point”

Business Globalisation is gaining speed. Yet, in reality, there are still a lot of obstacles and issues difficult to overcome such as language, cultural differences and business practices.
It is crucial to have strong support from experts who know the local culture and business practice well based on their hands-on experience, to tackle cross-cultural issues when you enter a new market.
Pointblank Promotions has the ability to provide each client with the best solution that gets “straight to the point” of their needs. We understand the difference in markets between Japan and the rest of the world.
We are here to help you create a new intercultural business with our extensive experience, accumulated knowledge and vast network across Europe and Asia developed over the years living and working in the UK.


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Our clients and partners

ADK Holdings Inc./Toppan Printing CO., LTD./Global Business Labo Inc./HISHINUMA & CO. PTE. LTD.
United Kingdom
TripAdvisor、JETRO London, MIKIMOTO、WeDine、Perspective Pictures 、HISHINUMA TRADING CO. LTD