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E-Commerce websites for a Japanese Audience

☑ I want to sell goods/services online to Japanese customers.
☑ I need an effective EC website with ‘guaranteed success’ in Japan!

We Can

Our Borderless EC website creation


E-Commerce websites set up for a Japanese audience are very different in design and structure from websites for a western audience.

We create user-friendly websites for a Japanese audience with high useability.

We also provide follow-ups to ensure successful sales of your products/services online.

We can act as a customer service so that you can operate your EC website with no language obstacles.

Create E-Commerce websites for a Japanese audience

We offer value plans to create Japanese EC websites using EC site services such as Shopify, BASE and Stores that Japanese consumers are familiar with. Our value plans enable you to enter the Japanese market with low risk.

We can also offer full custom-made plans for a quality original EC website within your budget. Please contact us to discuss plans.

Sales on Major EC platforms

We provide support to start an E-Commerce business targeting Japanese consumers on existing platforms including major websites such as Amazon JP, Rakuten, Etsy as well as other reasonable but popular websites such as minne and Creema.

Translation and Copywriting for product description

We translate your product names and descriptions into Japanese. We carefully choose expressions and words that touch the heart of a Japanese audience and ensure Search Engine Optimisation.

Customer Service Representative

We act as your customer service representative to communicate with Japanese customers and handle complaints.

SEO Strategies and Traffic Reports

We offer SEO strategies not only for EC websites we create but also your existing websites. We also provide traffic reports to show the performance.

Online Marketing with Google AdWords and SNS

We provide advice on online and SNS marketing with Google listing ads, click ads, Facebook and Instagram.

Email Marketing with Newsletters

Email marketing is very effective for EC websites. We operate newsletter distributions on your behalf.

IT Consultation

We provide comprehensive advice on the branding of your EC website, SEO strategies and effective marketing tools.

Standard Fees

One-off Plan (Create a website/Register a product): £600+VAT 
Monthly Plan £500+VAT per month
Annual Plan £3600+VAT per year
※ Prices vary depending on options. Please contact us for a quote for your requirements.